How Do I Dispose of Tree Branches in Columbia, MD?

Perhaps a recent storm knocked several limbs off the trees in your yard. Or maybe you’re doing seasonal pruning to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. If you find yourself with a large pile of debris, you may wonder, “How do I dispose of tree branches?”

Many municipalities (such as Howard County, MD) offer paid recycling services that accept yard waste. However, not everyone uses or has access to these services. Furthermore, municipal disposal services limit the size or materials permitted for proper tree branch disposal. What are your options, then?

In this post, a professional tree service company in Columbia, MD, discusses all you need to know about tree branch disposal methods.

Simple Tree Branch Disposal Methods

While the following methods may not be free, they are typically the quickest and easiest ways of disposing of tree branches safely. 

  1. Take it to a landfill: If you have the right vehicle and don’t have too much waste, you can drop your tree branches off at a landfill or transfer station.
  2. Rent a dumpster: One of the most common tree branch removal options is renting a dumpster. You simply put the debris in the container and then have it picked up. However, HOA regulations, space limitations, and local ordinances may make this difficult.
  3. Hire a company to haul it away: For smaller branches, you may be able to use your municipal pickup service. Otherwise, you can call for curbside pickup via a junk removal, bulky waste disposal, or tree removal service.   

Eco-Friendly Tree Branch Disposal Methods

While some jurisdictions allow you to take tree branches to landfills — or even burn yard waste — these are not the most eco-friendly options. Instead, you may consider the following methods of green waste disposal for tree branches:

  • Make mulch: Rent a woodchipper to break bigger branches down. Then, use the wood chips as mulch, brown matter in your compost, or bulk for raised garden beds.
  • Donate it: A neighbor, woodworker, community garden, furniture manufacturer, or even your local zoo may accept tree trimmings.
  • Use it for firewood: Store and use it yourself for winter, or sell it to firewood suppliers in your area.
  • Recycle it: Saving trees is ideal, but recycling them is the next best thing. Call your municipality to learn about options for recycling tree branches in your community. Some offer composting programs as well.

Creative Tree Branch Disposal Methods

Answering the question, “How do I dispose of tree branches?” can be even more fun if you have a crafty side. For example, you can try:

  • Building furniture like chairs, headboards, or side tables
  • Creating wooden objects like signs, coasters, or cutting boards
  • Making animal habitats like birdhouses or tortoise enclosures
  • Using it for landscaping projects like walls, benches, or garden art

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