Do Dead Branches Hurt a Tree? What Columbia, MD Residents Should Know

Looking up at a healthy tree and seeing a dead branch on it is disheartening. It definitely brings down the overall look of the tree. However, do dead branches hurt a tree? 

The answer to this question is more nuanced than you may initially believe. Luckily, our highly-rated tree service in Columbia, MD, can help you learn more about dead branches, their effects, and how to keep your trees healthy.

do dead branches hurt a tree

Are Dead Branches Normal?

Some homeowners see dead branches on their trees and start to worry. Maybe they did something wrong, or they didn’t care for the tree correctly. 

However, dead branches are often a completely normal part of a tree’s lifecycle. Often, the tree’s top branches cast too much shade on the lower ones, causing them to die off. 

Are Dead Branches Harmful?

Even after knowing dead branches on trees are normal, you might still wonder, “Do dead branches hurt a tree?” The consequences of dead branches for trees are almost always negative. 

Some of the damage caused by dead branches to tree vitality includes: 

  • Obscuring sunlight
  • Providing a home for pests
  • Weakening the tree’s structure

However, there are additional risks associated with dead branches on trees that impact the people around them. Dead branches are weaker and, thus, more likely to fall. These branches can create a serious risk for anyone walking beneath the tree. 

What To Do About Dead Branches on Trees

After understanding the impact of dead branches on trees, you can start taking steps toward better tree health. You can start by removing the dead branches. Removal of these branches will mitigate the harm caused by dead branches to trees.

However, cutting tree branches is dangerous work. You may be able to handle smaller branches that are lower on the tree on your own. Larger branches or ones that are higher up can cause serious injury if you make a mistake while cutting them. 

That is why you should leave branch removal to the professionals. Professional tree care services, like Affordable Tree Services, will be able to remove the dead branches from your trees safely and with ease. 

When To Remove Dead Branches

First, you need to identify that you are dealing with dead tree branches. Their state is obvious if you examine the branch. Dead branches are dry and brown on the inside, clearly demonstrating the effects of dead branches on tree health. 

Next, you’ll want to consider the time of year. Experts consider winter and early spring the best times to remove branches. At these times, trees are dormant and, thus, take less damage from pruning. 

Dealing With Dead Branches

Do dead branches hurt a tree? Yes, and you should look into removing dead branches whenever you can. 

Consider what branches you want to remove and the best time to trim trees. Then, call an expert, like Affordable Tree Services. We’ll remove the dead branches and give your tree a healthier take on life. 

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