How Pros Handle Dead Tree Removal in Columbia, MD

You’ve just found out that you need to have a tree removed but feel nervous about what the process will entail. Thankfully, dead tree removal services can be relatively quick and hassle-free as long as you select qualified professionals to complete the job. Below, our team from Affordable Tree Services, a top-rated tree service in Columbia, MD, discusses everything you need to know about how professionals handle dead tree removals.

Four Steps to a Safe, Professional Tree Removal

You must hire ISA-Certified Arborists to handle your tree removal, as they understand all the factors at play. Amateurs will not be able to predict the tree’s fall line, which could result in severe property damage or injuries. A professional tree service company can take all the proper steps and calculations to ensure your property still looks pristine once done. 

Here are the basic steps to any dead tree removal process:

1. Thorough Tree Assessment 

First, the professionals will conduct a thorough assessment of the tree to ensure it requires removal. For example, some areas have protection laws on different tree species that could prevent the company from cutting down something like a maple tree over just a few dead branches. Upon confirming that the tree is dead or hazardous, the pros must examine quite a few factors to determine the best course of action for removal. 

The team will then be ready with a complete removal plan and an estimate so you understand the cost of tree removal services. 

2. Area Preparation

The next step in any dead tree removal service will be to prepare the area. Typically, they will need to clear a space beneath the tree that measures a width equal to the tree’s height. 

The team will also measure the angle of the tree’s lean to get an idea of which direction it will fall. Based on this measurement, they may tie a rope to further guide the direction of the tree’s fall. Underneath this rope, the team usually clears additional space as an escape route for all workers who may be within the fall zone. 

3. Safe and Precise Tree Removal

When it’s finally time to remove the tree, the team will execute the carefully thought-out plan. The tree removal may involve cutting lower limbs before sawing a V-shape into the base of the tree’s trunk to guide its fall. From here, the team may execute additional cuts while pulling the rope until the tree falls in the planned direction. 

4. Project Cleanup

The final step in dead tree removal services is cleaning up the area. The team will remove the entire tree, including all branches, leaves, debris, and sawdust, from your property. In many cases, pros will also cut down or grind the stump to prevent re-growth. 

Do You Have a Tree That Needs To Be Removed?  

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