What To Do About a Tree on a Power Line in Columbia, MD

Trees and power lines have a nasty habit of being near each other. Sometimes, a tree grows into a power line’s line clearance. Other times, a branch falls onto the line. Both scenarios are problems that must be fixed. 

Knowing the safe thing to do when dealing with a tree on a power line is key in these situations.

tree on power line

Is a Tree on a Power Line Dangerous?

Yes, a tree on a power line is dangerous. The tree species doesn’t matter. If it comes into contact with a power line, it could hurt anyone who comes into contact with it or even nearby. 

The tree could conduct electricity from the line. If this happens, electricity travels from the line and into the tree. If you touch the tree, that electricity will travel into you. 

This can even happen if the tree isn’t touching the line but is still very close. Electricity can still arc from the line and into the tree. 

What To Do About a Tree on a Power Line

If a tree on your property is on a power line, there are some steps you should take. Approach the situation with caution to stay safe. 

Avoid Touching or Being Near the Tree

The first thing you should do when dealing with a tree on a power line is to avoid coming into contact with it. Staying away will help prevent you from being electrocuted. 

Contact a Professional 

Next, you will want to contact a professional company to trim or remove the tree. Ensure the service is trustworthy — or you can make things easier by relying on the best tree service in Columbia, MD. Once the professionals arrive, steer clear until work is done. 

You should never tackle the problem yourself. Don’t use a ladder to climb the tree, and don’t even consider climbing a utility pole. Doing this puts you at risk of electrocution and may worsen the situation. 

Plan for the Future

While working with professionals, you may want to consider whether any other trees in your yard could become a problem. Check out the tree planting schematic provided by the Maryland government to see whether the rest of your trees align with these safe practices. If they don’t, you may want to have them trimmed or removed before the issue comes up again. 

Dealing With Trees on Power Lines

If you’re worried about a tree on a power line near you, don’t attempt to handle the issue yourself. This could be extremely dangerous. 

Instead, look into hazardous tree removal in your area. A company like Affordable Tree Services can help you take care of the issue in a way that is safe for everyone involved. 

Have a problematic tree growing close to a power line? Keep yourself safe and let the professionals at Affordable Tree Services handle it. Call today to schedule your tree trimming or removal in Columbia and Laurel, MD.

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