Who To Call When a Tree Falls in Your Yard in Columbia, MD?

Having a tree fall in your yard can be an extremely traumatic experience. At the very least, you’ll have to deal with the mess the tragedy leaves behind. In extreme cases, the tree could fall on your home, causing significant damage.

However, you can relish the good news that you know what to do and who to call when a tree falls in your yard, helping to get things back on track quickly.

In this article, Affordable Tree Services shares the steps to take when a tree falls in your yard, highlighting how consulting a reliable tree care service in Columbia, MD, can help.

What To Do When a Tree Falls in Your Yard

Considering how jarring the experience can be, it’s understandable to not know how to respond to a tree falling in your yard. However, taking quick and immediate action can help limit the damage and injuries that could occur.

As such, before calling anyone, we recommend doing the following first.

Get to Safety

Your safety and that of your family should be your first priority. If the tree only falls in your yard, keep everyone safely inside.

If the tree landed on a section of your home, it might be best to move to a neighbor’s house, at least until you can determine the extent of the damage.

Secure Your Home

Before leaving, ensure you secure your home. This could involve turning off the electricity at the main breaker or switching off the gas.

Assess the Damage

Finally, assess the damage caused from a safe distance. Get your phone out and document the destruction, taking photos and videos of everything you can.

Knowing Who To Call

No matter how minor the damage might seem, you will need help dealing with it. However, you might not know who to call when a tree falls in your yard. Below, we offer a few suggestions that might help.

Emergency Responders

Since the tree might have knocked down power or gas lines, one of the first calls you should make is to emergency responders.

Insurance Company

You’ll also need to reach out to your insurance company. They will guide you on the next steps you’ll take and how to go about filing your claim.

Tree Removal Service

Lastly, get in touch with a professional tree removal service. They will send a team to your Columbia, MD, home to conduct a fallen tree damage assessment and help you with the tree’s removal. They can also do a home safety assessment.

Emergency Tree Removal Services in Columbia, MD

As unlikely as it might seem, there may come a time when your tree suddenly falls. When this happens, quick action can greatly limit the amount of loss you incur.

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