When is the Best Time to Hire Tree Service Experts in Columbia?

Your trees need tender, loving care to stay healthy and beautiful all year round. While you can handle several tree care tasks yourself, you should hire a professional occasionally to avoid damaging your trees, but when’s the best time to hire tree service experts?

In this blog post, a trusted provider of professional tree care in Columbia, MD, takes a deeper look at the best time to call a professional for various tree care services. 

Tree Trimming

Winter is often the best time to schedule a professional tree-trimming service. Why is this the best part of the year to hire an expert?

The absence of foliage makes it easy to see the areas of your tree that need trimming. Plus, trimming during the winter months promotes healthier spring growth. You can also trim almost any tree species during this season without worrying about compromising its health. 

Some tree care specialists may advise you to wait until the end of the season when the temperatures start rising. That’s because the tree is more susceptible to damage in extremely low temperatures. 

Others recommend hiring a tree-trimming service in early spring. It’s the best time to determine which branches you should remove. This often works best for trees that bloom toward the end of summer. 

However, if you have trees like birches, maples, walnuts, dogwoods, and elms, you’ll get the best results if you trim them during the summer. 

Tree Pruning

The best time to hire tree service professionals to prune your tree is the early months of spring. This will ensure your tree has sufficient time to recover from the pruning cuts. 

You should never try to prune your front or backyard trees during the fall. That’s when the tree is most susceptible to infections and other damage, which can lead to its death. 

Tree Removal

You can hire tree removal services at any time of the year. However, winter months are ideal if you want to cut down trees safely and without hurting your wallet. 

Most trees are dormant during this period and, hence, much less vulnerable. This doesn’t mean you should remove many trees at once without a solid reason. Doing so can compromise the well-being of other surrounding plants. 

Instead of removing the trees entirely, talk to a certified arborist to see if you can solve the issues with pruning or trimming. You should only remove trees that are decayed, disease-ridden, or a danger to other trees on your property. 

Contact Your Local Tree Professionals for Help

Now that you understand the best time to hire tree service professionals for various tasks work with certified experts to achieve the best results. If you need reliable help with tree care in Columbia, Maryland, Affordable Tree Services is the go-to local arborist. 

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