Can I Cut Tree Branches Overhanging My Property in Columbia, MD?

Suppose you have branches from your neighbor’s tree extending dangerously into your property and creating an eyesore. In that case, you might ask yourself, “Can I cut tree branches overhanging my property? What does the law say about trimming tree limbs on my property?”

In this blog post, Affordable Tree Services, a trusted provider of professional tree care in Columbia, MD, delves deeper into what to do about a neighbor’s tree branches overhanging your property. 

can i cut tree branches overhanging my property

The Law Regarding Pruning Overhanging Tree Branches From Your Neighbor’s Property

Can my neighbor prevent me from cutting branches encroaching on my land in Columbia, MD? The simple answer is no!

The law allows you to trim any portion of a tree hanging past your property line. If the tree’s trunk stands on your neighbor’s property but the branches hang over your home, you can chop the branches up to the property line without worrying about any legal issues. 

However, it pays to verify your local area laws to ensure you’re doing the right thing. If you can’t safely cut the branches from your side, consider talking to your neighbor about safer options to avoid causing injuries or damaging property. 

It’s worth noting that if you damage the tree, you risk paying up to three times the tree’s value. The replacement value of most trees ranges from $500 to $2500. Be careful during the branch removal process to avoid paying such hefty fines!

Should You Inform Your Neighbor About Cutting the Overhanging Branches?

If you’re wondering, “Can I cut tree branches overhanging my property?” the answer is, “Yes.” That said, before you start cutting the overhanging tree branches, it’s best to give your neighbor a courtesy notification. Discussing your intentions with your neighbor helps ensure there are no misunderstandings and that everyone agrees with trimming the offending branches.  

You might even find that your neighbor was already thinking about trimming a portion of the tree. In that case, you can share the costs or save yourself the hassle altogether!

“What if my neighbor is against trimming the branches?” you ask. In such a situation, you can still cut the branches as per the local laws. You can take legal action if your neighbor tries to stop you. 

What if half of the tree’s trunk is on your neighbor’s property, and the other half is on your side? You can still cut the branches overhanging your yard. The catch is that you must seek your neighbor’s consent since you both own the tree. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Are you wondering, “Can I cut tree branches overhanging my property in Columbia, MD?” You can do that within your tree branch removal rights. If you need professional overhanging tree maintenance or property boundary tree care services, talk to the experts at Affordable Tree Service. 

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