How Long Should a Tree Be Staked?

Your newly planted tree may need extra support to hold the trunk straight and help it grow vertically. There’s no better way to achieve this than with a stake. Sadly, staking trees for prolonged periods can cause them to grow fewer roots and have a weak root system. 

For this reason, you may ask yourself, how long should a tree be staked? In this blog post, the trusted tree care experts in Columbia, MD talk about why you need to stake your trees and how long you should do this. 

how long should a tree be staked

Why Should You Stake Your Trees? 

This often depends on your needs. If you have a nursery, you may need to stake your young trees to help them grow vertically. Staking also helps protect new trees as they establish roots. 

If you’re growing your nursery tree in pots, you might want to tie them together to a central stake to save space. Also, young trees grown close together often gain vertical growth much faster.

Once you transplant the trees and remove the central stake, their tall, slender structure may require tree-stake support as their trunk, branches, and roots develop. 

If you’re dealing with balled and burlapped field-grown trees, their crown could be larger than what their excavated rootball can support. Therefore, stakes play an integral role in holding the tree in place while its rootball is growing and stabilizing itself. 

You may not need to stake conifers, evergreens, or trees with branches growing lower to the ground. Moreover, if you planted your tree correctly and it’s healthy with a robust trunk and well-developed root system, you may not need to stake it. 

How Long Should You Have a Tree Staked? 

Regarding the question “How long should a tree be staked?” tree care experts recommend removing the stakes the next growing season. However, you must first ensure the tree feels solidly anchored. That means for a spring-planted tree, you’ll need to remove the stakes in fall after ensuring the tree is sturdy. 

Likewise, if you stake in fall, remove the stakes in spring if it’s well-anchored. What happens if you don’t remove the stakes early enough? Your tree will rely on the stakes and will have a hard time supporting itself. 

You should also avoid using wire as strapping material. If you have a guyed tree in your backyard, don’t hesitate to replace the wires with biodegradable strapping material or canvas strapping. Wires will end up impeding water and nutrient flow. 

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