Should You Let Grass Grow Around Trees?

If you have trees in your yard, you’ve probably wondered, “Should you let grass grow around trees?” After all, who doesn’t fancy a nice, lush lawn extending throughout their yard? 

As a top-rated company focused on tree care in Columbia, MD, we’ll address the grass under trees dilemma and highlight various tree health and landscaping choices.

should you let grass grow around trees

Reasons To Avoid Growing Grass Under Trees

Grass rarely thrives under trees because most types of grass prefer sunlight over the shade typically cast from tree canopies. As a tree grows, so does the amount of shade, eventually killing the grass underneath.

Trees and grass will also compete against each other for moisture and nutrients. Planting grass around trees, therefore, may cause drier and less fertile soils. Moreover, a tree’s canopy may limit the soil moisture levels by shielding rain from seeping into the ground.

Mowing grass under trees may also lessen the chances of the grass surviving. Tree experts recommend mowing grass under trees slightly higher than other areas of the lawn to help retain moisture levels.

Excessive leaf litter may also hinder the proper growth of grass under trees. Encourage more light to reach the grass by raking regularly, especially in the fall or spring.

As an alternative to growing grass under trees, consider planting a ground cover or mulching around the tree’s base.

How To Grow Grass Under Trees

So, should you let grass grow around trees? It depends. While growing grass under a tree may pose various challenges, as highlighted above, you can still do it successfully with proper care and determination.

For example, choosing shade-tolerant grass species like fine fescue may ensure the healthy growth of grass under trees.  

Sow the seeds in early spring or fall and remember to water daily. You may reduce the watering frequency gradually once the grass takes hold, but you still want to water deeply at least once or twice a week.

Besides choosing shade-tolerant grasses, you could trim the tree’s lower branches to increase the amount of light reaching the ground. Trimming or pruning lower branches allows for better light penetration, making it easier for grass to grow and thrive.  

Grass under trees will also demand more water, especially during dry weather. Consider fertilizing the area more frequently as well—about two to three times a year.  

Bottom Line

You can still grow grass under trees despite the challenges. Plant shade-tolerant grasses, invest in regular lawn maintenance, and increase the amount of light and water to grow lush, green grass under trees successfully.

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