Understanding the Consequence of Bad Tree Pruning

Regular pruning is integral to the health and beauty of your trees. However, you must do it correctly, or you might end up disfiguring, damaging, or even killing your tree. In this post, we dig deeper into the impacts of bad tree pruning, as advised by a reputable tree trimming company in Laurel, MD

bad tree pruning

Top Three Consequences of Bad Tree Pruning

If you don’t put much thought into pruning your trees correctly, be ready to deal with these issues.

Inadequate Nutrition 

The way you prune your tree may compromise its ability to produce chlorophyll and perform photosynthesis. If you remove more foliage than necessary and cut off vital branches, the tree may have a hard time manufacturing food. The result is a weakened structure, poor growth, and the eventual death of the tree. 

Decay of the Tree

When you chop off small stems and branches during pruning, you leave wounds that will take time to heal. If you make deep cuts and remove vital parts, it can cause the branches to decay. This can compromise your tree’s well-being during harsh weather conditions. 

Interior Sprouting

Bad tree trimming may expose a significant portion of the crown to sunlight. This can result in irregular growth patterns. 

If you remove the entire canopy, sunlight will burn the delicate tree bark, which begins to sprout to protect the inner parts of the tree. Besides ruining the tree’s appearance, this process also weakens its structure. 

Common Tree Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

You can prevent the above problems and ensure your trees grow healthy by avoiding the mistakes below. 

Bad Timing 

You should always prune your trees at the appropriate time. It would help if you pruned them during the dormant season. This minimizes the flow of sap from cut branches. Plus, trimming shrubs and hardwood trees during dormancy enables you to see the tree’s structure. It also gives the wounds sufficient time to recover, minimizing the risk of diseases. 

Topping & Tipping

You should only do topping – pruning the larger upright branches – when you want to reduce your tree’s height. Similarly, you should only do tipping – chopping lateral branches – when you want to reduce the width of the crown. Unnecessary tipping or topping can cause epicormic sprouts or the death of the cut branch. 

Using Bad Pruning Tools

Using the correct, properly working tools is essential for proper tree pruning. Keep these tips in mind when choosing pruning tools:

  • Think about the size of the branches
  • Choose the right tools for the amount of pruning needed
  • Sharpen and clean your tools
  • Sanitize the tools to avoid spreading diseases

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

If you need professional help to avoid bad tree pruning, consider calling professional tree service, or if you’re looking for ideas for backyard privacy trees, Affordable Tree Services is your go-to local arborist.

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