When Is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

when is the best time to trim trees

When is the best time to trim trees? The short answer is that you should prune broken branches or diseased branches at any time of the year. For the rest, Affordable Tree Services, the leading tree trimming company in Laurel, MD, has this advice. 

Consider Professional Advice

Properly trimming trees is a critical part of tree care. However, as professionals, we often receive calls to fix mistakes property owners inadvertently make. If you’re unsure about the tree species or what technique to use to remove dead branches, it’s worth calling us in. 

A mistake in this critical area can leave the tree vulnerable to disease. Did you know, for example, that cutting off the branch collar or too far away from it makes it harder for the tree to heal? 

Don’t know what the branch collar is? It’s the protective callous the tree forms around the base of a branch, and that’s something that’s not common knowledge today. 

Now, let’s answer, “When is the best time to trim trees?” 

Late Winter

All things being equal, winter is a great time of year for pruning. The trees are either dormant or semi-dormant, and fewer diseases and insects are hovering around. In addition, you can more easily see the structure of the trees without all the leaves getting in the way. 

However, you must finish the job before the weather begins to warm up and the tree produces new shoots. 

Don’t Trim These Trees in Winter

As with all things in gardening, there’s no one right answer to any question. In some cases, you’re better off trimming your trees after they bloom in summer so that you don’t interfere with the number of blooms. Crabapples, redbud, and magnolia are all prime examples. 

So while it’s usually better to prune your trees in their dormant season, you may want to waive that rule for trees that bloom in spring. In these cases, don’t trim them until they finish flowering.  

What About Saplings? 

Trees require more shaping in their early years to help them to achieve a pleasing shape. However, you must be careful about when you start training them. After planting your sapling, avoid pruning it heavily until it establishes itself properly. 

This will take around two years because the tree must first overcome the stress of being transplanted and must then develop a robust root system. Trimming the tree for aesthetic purposes during this period causes more distress and risks starving it of vital nutrients. 

During the first two to three years of your tree’s life, focus on removing dead or damaged branches rather than making any other cuts. 

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